Let’s Not Be Too Quick to Condemn Recycling

Let’s be honest. The state of recycling in North America is poor. Commodity prices….. read more


New Life for Old Radiators

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Has your car’s radiator sprung a leak? Don’t throw it away. Recycle it. Your car’s radiator can get a second chance to hit the road.

Get It Ready

Before you bring your radiator to a recycling center, take it out of the car and remove any antifreeze. Because some coolant can be fatal to animals, make sure you collect it in a container and dispose of it properly.

Age Matters

Car radiators have evolved over time. If your car is a vintage model, made before 1990, there is a good chance the radiator is made of brass and copper. These radiators will fetch the highest price from a metal recycler.

The current, most common radiators are a combination of plastic tanks and aluminum parts. When recycling this type of radiator, be sure and remove the plastic tank, after it’s been drained, before bringing it to the recycle center. The aluminum is the recyclable material.

Endless Reincarnations

Recycling does not diminish aluminum. Your old radiator will go to a processing plant where it will be melted down with other aluminum. The molten aluminum is formed into ingots and undergoes quality testing. The reclaimed aluminum can then be turned into new radiators.

Give your old radiator a new chance at life by recycling it. Visit this website to learn about the radiator recycling program in Mountain View.