Permanently Reboot Your Old Computer

Permanently Reboot Your Old Computer

You’re done with your old computer. It gave you the blue screen of death right before you finished your big project. Don’t give in to frustration and angrily throw it in the garbage. Instead, get your revenge, and gain some other benefits, by recycling it.

Help the Planet

Computers are full of potentially hazardous materials. When they end up landfills, they leak toxic materials which can leach into the soil and even groundwater. Recycling companies know how to properly dispose of electronics’ toxic components.

Avoid a Fine

Not only is dumping your computer wasteful, it’s potentially illegal. Many local governments have prohibitions in place against throwing computers away with the regular garbage. If you are caught, you can face a fine. Don’t let your old computer cost you again, take it to a reputable recycler.

Make Work not Trash

Recycling electronics like your old computer creates jobs. High volumes of electronic waste support an entire industry of professionals. By recycling, you are supporting a business that keeps toxins out of the environment.

Foil Identity Thieves

Scammers love to find old computers in dumpsters. They can be a treasure-trove of private information perfect for opening credit cards and draining bank accounts. Prevent this by recycling yours.

Don’t put your old computer in the trash. Visit this website to learn more about electronic recycling in Sunnyvale.