Recycle Your Washed-Up Washing Machine

Recycle Your Washed-Up Washing Machine.jpg

You’ve finally stopped putting it off. After years of hearing about high efficiency washing machines, you’re taking advantage of a rebate from your utility to get a new machine. Don’t undo the positive environmental impact of your upgrade by improperly disposing of your old machine.

Avoid the Secondhand Market


Be wary of the company that offers to collect your old washer for free. Many turn around and sell functional washers at a used appliance store. If that washer of yours is an old-style water and electricity hog, it should not be put back into service.

Don’t Dump It


Washing machines are large appliances that take up a tremendous amount of room in a landfill. They also contain engine lubricants that can leak out. Don’t counteract your efforts to be green by treating your old washing machine like garbage.

Second Chances

Instead of dumping your old machine, recycle it. Not only can you make some money by taking it to a scrap metal recycling center, you will be putting its parts back to use. It takes much less energy to recycle metal than to mine it.

Upgrading to an efficient washing machine conserves natural resources. Recycle your old washing machine to do even more for the planet. Visit this website to find out more about appliance recycling in San Jose.


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